LSA and Sport Pilot Support

The sport pilot certificate is relatively new and the same goes for the classification of Light Sport Aircraft. Despite being a newer classification, the LSA community is growing rapidly. Every day, more and more people are joining ranks of sport pilots. The biggest supporter of LSA's and Sport Pilot has always been the Experimental Aircraft Association. Other large national organizations providing assistance exist as well such as the AOPA and USUA.

The EAA hosts the largest airshow in the United States every summer called the EAA Airventure. Hosted at in Oshkosh, WI for decades, the airshow has recently featured a large area for LSA's. The efforts of the EAA to push the sport pilot certificate not only garnered the interest of pilots, but also members of science and technology across the world.

In 2009 the company Terrefugia gained global headlines with the first test flights of their flying car. They built their prototype to meet LSA specification and in 2010, revealed the production model to the public at Oshkosh. Terrefugia was able to obtain a waiver from the FAA on weight limits. This victory suggests the definition of an LSA may be open to expansion as time goes on.

While the EAA Airventure may be the biggest exhibition of aircraft in the U.S., it is not the only. LSA trade shows and fly-in's are becoming more and more prevalent at airports around the country. Sebring, FL hosts the U.S Sport Aviation Expo. Regional expos have been held in airports dotted across the country as well. At these shows, companies often offer demonstration flights of their aircraft. If you are unsure on LSA's being the path you would like to take in aviation, these expos are a great way to see a wide variety of LSA's and related products.

Dedicated trade publications will feature or be exclusive to the Sport Pilot certificate. This young certificate is earning mainstream notoriety, and may soon be as common as the Private Pilot certificate.

The future of general aviation may be in LSA's. As the certification matures, the rules may change, and open up limits on the LSA. Who knows what technology may bring to the forefront of Light Sport Aircraft. The revolutionary Rotax engine has sliced the cost of maintaining and operating an LSA. Constantly being improved on, this engine and other aircraft parts have made flying an LSA the most affordable way to stay in the air.

Becoming a Sport Pilot will open up a world of opportunities for yourself. Flying is fun and affordable. Anyone with the drive for success and the love of flying can do it.

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