This All Sounds Great, But How Much Will It Cost?

Using a rough estimate of leading programs, training may cost somewhere around $3,000 and $3,500. Additional costs may occur as most pilots do not complete their training in the minimum amount of time. Renting an LSA with an instructor may cost over $120 an hour. Fuel prices also vary and can sway prices in a short period of time. New pilots may also need to spend money on supplies such as Books, E6B, plotters, sectionals, and if applicable, a headset. Headsets can be found brand new for as low as $110 from major pilot supply companies.

The difference in price of obtaining a sport pilot certificate over a private pilot certificate can be great. Private licenses could cost well over $6,000. Rental fees are also historically higher in larger aircraft used for private flying. When fuel prices go up, the economy of sport aircraft also plays a major factor in keeping costs low.

Before starting any training, make sure you develop the proper payment plan. Some flight training programs require you to pay the minimum total cost up front. Others will allow you to pay as you go, lesson by lesson. If you need to take a break from your training, you will only have paid for the time you already invested.

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